DSROA Rules and Regulations - June 2019



Approved at the May 14, 2019, DSROA Board Meeting

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1.01 Fees. The following fees will be applicable for individual cabin use, whether such use is by a member, member-guest or a non-association member.

1.01.01 Cabin Reservations. Members in good standing are entitled to schedule two weeks of cabin time each year per unit owned. Please refer to section 1.08 for information regarding cabin use time.  Members are responsible to know and understand the DSROA Codes of Conduct, Rules and Regulations, and cabin procedures prior to cabin use.  Members are also required to complete a waiver for each cabin stay.  Please refer to section 1.03 for guidelines of member-guest reservations.

1.01.02 Nightly Cabin Use Fee. Each member or member-guest using a cabin or cabins at Deer Springs Ranch will also be assessed a Nightly Cabin Use Fee based on a three (3) night minimum stay as follows:

     Garden Cabin, Cabins 1 & 3:    $30.00 per night

     All other Cabins:      $25.00 per night

Members and member-guests are highly encouraged to make a reservation for cabin accommodations prior to arriving at the Ranch to ensure a suitable cabin is available. In the event a member or member-guest does arrive and wants to book an available cabin, but has not made a reservation, the standard reservation fee will be imposed at that time.

1.01.03 Member/Member-Guest Cabin Rental Rates. For members seeking to rent or use additional cabin time, beyond their allotted 2 weeks per lot, the following fees apply and are due at the time the reservation is made, based on a three (3) night minimum stay as follows:

     Garden Cabin, Cabins 1 & 3:    $65.00 per night

     All other Cabins:      $45.00 per night

 1.01.04  Non-Association Member Cabin Rental Rates. For individuals who are not members or are not sponsored by a DSROA Member, cabin reservations are very limited, but are available upon Board approval.  The following fees must be paid for at the time of booking and are based on a three (3) night minimum stay.  A signed rental contract is required as part of the booking process.  Bookings must be held under the responsible individual's name.

Reservation Fee (non-refundable): $75.00

All Cabins: $145/night

All additional terms to these types of rentals will be specifically outlined in the rental contract.

 1.01.05  Pet Fee. Pets are welcome at Deer Springs Ranch and are invited to stay with you in and around the cabins and on the ranch. A $25.00 fee will be charged for any individual wishing to bring pets with them to stay in the cabins, whether the pet comes inside or remains outside. Dogs must be leashed at all times when visiting the Ranch Headquarters. Not all folks visiting the ranch are comfortable around dogs and dogs that are unfamiliar with ranch animals could pose a serious risk to their welfare. Each guest must clean up after their pet wherever you are on the Ranch, outside or inside.  Dog hair and feces are a nuisance to others coming to enjoy Deer Springs Ranch. DSROA does not provide furniture coverings or bedding for dogs in the cabins.  Members are required to provide their own linen coverings for furniture should their pet wish to lay on the cabin furniture. In the event the cabin or surrounding areas are not completely cleaned of feces or dog hair following a stay, a $100.00 cleaning fee will automatically be billed to the Member and/or Guest whose name appears on the reservation form.

 1.01.06  Other Fees. Following a cabin check-out, an inspection of each cabin will take place by the Ranch Caretakers. Should there be damage to the cabin or property surrounding it, or any items be identified as missing from the cabin following the stay, the member and/or guest whose name appears on the reservation will be notified within 72 hours (or 3 days) by email by the DSROA Office Administrator. The member and/or guest whose name appears on the reservation will also be invoiced for all costs for cleaning and repairs, to be determined at the sole discretion of DSROA.

1.03 Rental/Guests of Members. Members may give or rent their cabin time to others but must first notify the DSROA Office Administrator. If a member chooses to let someone else use their time, whether as a guest or by rental, that member is expressly responsible for any damage that may occur to the ranch or to the cabin(s) occupied by the guest. Members are also responsible for informing their guests of our Rules and Regulations. For time used by non-association members, refer to Section 1.01.04 above for clarification on fees and guidelines.

1.04 Reservation Name. All reservations must be made in the name of a specific individual.

1.05 Unforeseen Circumstances. On occasion a member may find at the last minute that they are unable to use their time reserved in a cabin. In such an event the Member shall have the following options:

1.05.01  Transfer to Guest. A member may allow a guest to keep the reservation in their stead. In such cases the DSROA office administrator must be notified immediately. If the DSROA office administrator is not notified, then this will be treated as a new reservation and all fees will apply as set forth herein. All fees must then be paid and waivers filled out before the substitute party will be given a key or checked in.

1.05.02  Reschedule. A reservation may be rescheduled, without additional fees, if done so within 30 days prior to the booked reservation. In this case, all applicable fees such as pet fees or credit card convenience processing fees attached to the specific reservation, are transferrable to the rescheduled reservation, held within the same calendar year. However, should a guest request their reservation be rescheduled within 30 days of the reservation, the booking party will forfeit $50.00, per cabin, of their prepaid fees as non-refundable. All other fees remain transferrable as stated above.

1.05.03  Cancellation of a Reservation. A cancelled reservation will receive a refund if cancelled before 30 days prior to check-in date of an already booked reservation, excluding credit card processing fees associated with the booking.  A canceled reservation request received within 30 days of check-in date can be made, but the booking party will forfeit any credit card convenience fees associated with the reservation, as well as $50.00, per cabin, of their prepaid fees as non-refundable.  The remaining portion of the applicable Cabin Reservation Nightly Rate Fees will be refunded within 10 days of the cancellation.  If the reservation was made with a credit card, the refund will be issued to the booking parties credit card.  If the reservation was paid for with a check or cash, the refund will be issued by check.  Any other fees related to the reservation will be refunded as applicable.  If the member or non-member does not arrive on the scheduled check-in date of their reservation, or attempts to cancel within 24 hours of their reservation, all fees applied to the reservation will be forfeited by the member, member guest or non-association member and will be retained by DSROA.

1.06 First Come, First Served. Reservations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis no more than (16) months in advance of the actual cabin use time. Reservations are best made electronically through the official ranch web site, www.deerspringsranch.org. Members may also contact the DSROA Office Administrator to make reservations by calling (435) 644-3007 or by email at dsroa@deerspringsranch.org. If a message is left including a verbal request for cabin use time with a specific date, the member will be called back or emailed in order to finalize the official reservation, at which time the reservation will be complete. Messages left or emails sent, do not constitute a reservation. When making a reservation on our web site, www.deerspringsranch.org, the member or guest may pay the fees by credit card or personal check. Please see the invoice for the credit card payment section. Full payment must be received no later than 10 days from the date the reservation is made. In the event that payment is not made within the time period set forth above, the reservation will be cancelled. All reservations made must have all assessments dues, fees, etc. paid at the time the reservation is made.

1.07 Confirmation. A confirmation form of each reservation will be emailed to the email address listed on the reservation within five business days of a requested reservation or receipt of the payment of the reservation fees, whichever is later.

1.08 Cabin Use Time. A member's annual cabin use time may be divided up under the following guidelines.  A two week reservation may be held beginning on Friday at 4:00 p.m. and ending on the 2nd Friday of the reservation, at 10:00 a.m.  A one week reservation begins at 4:00 p.m. on Friday and ends at 10:00 a.m. on the following Friday morning. A half week reservation begins at 4:00 p.m. on Friday and ends at 10:00 am on the following Tuesday OR begins at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday and ends at 10:00 a.m. on the following Friday. A three (3) night minimum stay is required. Any reservation falling outside of these parameters can still be made, but additional fees may apply for additional days beyond the cabin usage time allotted to each member. Check-in time is from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Late night check-ins (direct assistance beyond leaving cabin keys in Ranch House mailbox) will only be allowed at the discretion and availability of the Ranch Caretaker or host personnel. In order to request a late check-in, a member must call or text the Ranch Headquarters at (435) 644-5044. A late check-in fee will be assessed on all late check-ins requiring direct assistance, between 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. of $25.00 and $75.00 if after 11:00 p.m.

1.09      Cabin Availability.  Lower Cabins (Cabins 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Garden Cabin) will be generally open and available for use by the third (3rd) Friday in April each year.  Upper Cabins (Cabins 1, 2, 3, 4) will be generally open and available for use by the third (3rd) Friday in May of each year.   Cabins 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 10 and Garden Cabin will be closed and winterized by the third (3rd) Friday in October of each year.   Cabins 7 and 8 will be closed and winterized by the first (1st) Friday in January of each year.   These dates are dependent upon weather and road conditions on the ranch. Cabins 7 and 8 may be used during the winter months, but will require a winterization maintenance fee of $100.00 per use.

1.10 Locks. The cabins are locked.  All member or cabin users must check in at Ranch Headquarters to obtain a key before going to their cabin or cabins.  Please see section 1.16.06 on key return policy.

1.11 Occupancy. Cabins are equipped and furnished to accommodate between 6 and 22 people, depending on the cabin. There will be an "over occupancy" charge in the amount of $10.00 per person, per night, for all individuals, aged five and older, occupying the cabin over the regular cabin limits as posted in each cabin. Additionally, this applies to all individuals three years of age and older who camp on cabin decks or in areas around the cabins or stay in campers at each cabin site. This fee is required for insurance purposes.

1.12 Bulletin Boards. The Ranch Caretaker cannot be at Ranch Headquarters at all times. Therefore, members should check the bulletin board at Ranch Headquarters for messages. Non-advertising messages for a particular party can be posted on the ranch bulletin board. All such messages should be removed by a member of each party upon leaving the ranch.

1.13 Cabin Water Use. Water is very costly. Please do not waste it.  All cabins at DSROA are part of a regularly tested spring catchment system.  Very occasionally, testing results may indicate water may need treatment before consumption.  In such cases, notification will be posted in the affected cabins and at Ranch Headquarters to alert you.  All testing is procured through the Southwest Utah Health Department.  It is always a good idea to bring bottled water with you to the ranch in any regard because of the nature of the ranch and for your personal preparedness.

1.14 Gas and Groceries. DSROA operates a small store at the Ranch Headquarters which generally offers a few food items, drinks, fishing supplies, souvenirs, ice and etc. There are no other stores or gas stations within 40 miles, so each member and their guests, friends, family and licensees should plan accordingly.

1.15 Ranch Owned Personal Property. Cabin users must not transfer Ranch owned items from one cabin to another (i.e., pots, furniture, plates, dishes, silverware, cooking utensils, and etc.) Identification of missing items following a reservation will result in a replacement fee being assessed to the responsible party.

1.16 Window Screens. Window screens in the cabins are not to be removed. The individual whose name appears on each reservation will be charged a fee in the event any screens are removed and for any and all damage caused to the cabin and/or the screen.

1.17 Check-Out. All of the following are required prior to leaving the Ranch:

 1.17.01  Leave the cabin clean and sanitized (refer to the Cleaning Check List, found in each cabin). Cleaning of the cabins by the members/guests is very important. We do not have a staff of cleaning people, and there is not enough time to clean all of the cabins between check-out time and check-in time. If each group left the cabins cleaner than they found them, the cabins would always be ready for the next group. A $100 cleaning fee will be charged to the individual whose name is on the reservation, if the cabin is not left clean. The on-site Ranch Caretaker has the authority to make such judgments. If you are not sure about the cleaning requirements, please arrange for an in-person check-out with the Ranch Caretakers one day prior to leaving. Should a cabin guest wish to hire cleaning services, arrangements must be made with the Ranch Caretakers in advance.  In this case, fees are paid directly to the individual hired to clean in your place. Please see section 1.01.05 for pet cleaning guidelines.

 1.17.02  Leave all pilot lights on in the refrigerator, hot water heater, and range.

1.17.03 Place soiled sheets and towels in a plastic bag and return them to Ranch Headquarters.  Please note, only bring down soiled linens.  Unused folded sheets may remain in the cabin.  Rugs, blankets, bedspreads and mattress covers are all washed periodically through the season and do not need to be brought down after each stay, unless soiled.  Thank you for helping us minimize laundry.

 1.17.04  Take the trash to the trash trailer at Ranch Headquarters.

 1.17.05  Close and lock all windows in the cabin.

      1.17.06 Lock the cabin and return the key to Ranch Headquarters. All of the cabins have new locks.  All cabin users must check in at Ranch Headquarters to obtain a key before going to their cabin or cabins and return said key to Ranch Caretakers upon departure.  If any keys are not returned to the Ranch Caretakers upon checkout, the member or responsible party for the cabin rental will be charged a $100 fee to rekey the locks.

1.18 DSROA Ranch Caretaker/Staff Responsibilities for Cabins. The Ranch Caretakers or Staff will complete all of the following after each cabin use:

 1.18.01  Inventory after each cabin after use.

 1.18.02  Place fresh linens in each cabin.

 1.18.03  Furnish firewood for heating cabins during each use.

 1.18.04  Secure returned cabin keys in office.

1.19 Use Restrictions. The use of any kind of Tobacco product and the use of illegal substances are strictly prohibited, at all times, in all cabins and other Ranch buildings.



Members are welcome to camp on their own private land at any time. Other approved and designated camping areas for RV or tents, on DSROA common grounds, are also provided for your enjoyment. Members, member-guests and non-association members should check in with Ranch Caretakers to find out which camping locations are available.  There is no fee for a member to camp in designated camping locations at the ranch. Member-guests and non-association members camping on approved DSROA common grounds, must pay a $10.00 per night fee. Camping is limited to 14 days. Shower facilities are available at Ranch Headquarters for individuals camping, at the rate of $5.00 per person, per day.  Towels are provided.  All campers are reminded to leave their camp site a little better and cleaner than they found it.  Camp fires are NOT allowed on DSROA common grounds except in a few designated and approved areas.  Please contact the Ranch Caretakers for more information.  Please also refer to section 4 below.



All damage should be paid for by the one that does the damage. However, since the Association can only assess its members, if a member chooses to allow someone else to use the member's time in the cabins or other facilities, the member is responsible for any damage that may occur to the Ranch, the cabins, or any other facilities or improvements. The Ranch belongs to its members, and should be treated as such.



4.01 Precautions. Fires in remote areas such as Deer Springs Ranch are extremely dangerous. The nearest fire department is 40 miles away or approximately 90 minutes time. Please adhere to the following restrictions:

4.01.01  Don't let children play with lighters or matches.  PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE!

4.01.02  No fireworks, flares, or other incendiary devices are allowed within the boundaries of the Ranch.

4.02 Reporting. All members and other Ranch users and guests should report all fires to Ranch Headquarters immediately.

4.03 Observation. Never leave a fire unattended whether outside or inside.

4.04 Fire Extinguishers. There is a fire extinguisher in each cabin. Each cabin user should familiarize themselves with where the fire extinguisher is located and how to use it. There is also a hose outside of each cabin for emergency use only.

4.05 Wood Burning Stoves. Do not over-stoke (put in a lot of wood at one time) fires in the wood burning stoves located in the cabins.

4.06 Smoke Alarms. Cabins users must not disable the smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors located within the cabins.



5.01 Use of Fish Ponds. All of our ponds located on Deer Springs Ranch common areas are on private land, and Deer Springs Ranch members and guests do not need a Utah fishing license to fish. Non-members must either have a member with them or be residents in the Deer Springs Ranch cabins. Fish are very expensive and should not be wasted.

5.02 Catch and Release. All fish pond users are strongly encouraged to fish on a “catch and release" basis using barbless hooks and lures or fly fishing only. Catch and release fish should not be taken out of the water.

5.03 Clean-up and Use Restrictions. The ponds are also used for swimming. Therefore the use of glass containers is prohibited in the pond areas. Also cleaning of fish in the pond areas is prohibited. Use of the fish pond areas should not interfere with the use of others and good judgment should be employed by all.

5.04 Notice. When you check in, Ranch Staff need to be informed of any intent to fish. From time to time, as determined by the Ranch Caretakers, fishing badges may be required. If badges are required, these will be provided at the time of check-in.

5.05 Watercraft. Motorized craft are not allowed on any of the DSROA ponds or on the Red Reservoir.



6.01 Prohibition. Animal trapping of any kind is not allowed on any of the common areas of the Association. However, properly licensed trapping may be allowed on BLM lands surrounding the Ranch, which are part of the Ranch allotment, provided that notice is given to the Ranch Caretakers including the specific location and date of such trapping activities.

6.02 Member Units. Members may set animal traps on their own private property provided the Ranch Caretakers are informed as to the dates of such activities and the types and sizes of the traps in use. This is so that those who are in close proximity to said trapping can be aware to keep their pets and children under direct supervision.

6.03 Licensees. Members may grant others the right to trap on the member's individual Unit or Lot with the same restrictions stated in 6.02 above. The member will be responsible for any negligence or damage caused by any individual who is allowed to trap on the Unit or Lot of a member.

6.04 Responsibility. Anyone in violation of the above restrictions will be held liable for any and all accidents that result in injury to pets, children, or adults. Or to those injuries sustained trying to free their pets of said traps.



Discharging of firearms on or across the Association land or the Units or Lots of other member is strictly prohibited. Utah State law applies in all areas, including on the Units and Lots of the members and hunting licenses are required. Individual supervision and written permission are required to hunt on all areas of Deer Springs Ranch except hunting by a member on the member's own Unit or Lot.



8.01 Speed Limits. The speed limit on all Ranch roads is 25 MPH. ATVs or motorbikes (OHV) can be used at the Ranch only on existing roads. Respect for others is expected in the area of the cabins, at Ranch Headquarters, or when traveling on Ranch roads. The meadows and pastures are strictly off limits to all vehicles, as they tear up the terrain and the feed grass. All vehicles, ATVs, & Motorbikes must be operated in a safe and courteous manner and respecting the speed limits. Anyone operating an ATV, dirt bike, or motorbike, must adhere to the current Utah Division of Parks and Recreation Off-Highway Vehicle Rules and Regulations, which are published by the State of Utah. This includes all helmet laws and age requirements. Copies are available at Ranch Headquarters. All vehicles are strictly forbidden to drive on the airstrip (the only exception is for Ranch staff or Ranch appointed airport manager to inspect and perform maintenance operations).

8.02 Sound. OHVs without mufflers and all OHVs that are not operated as outlined in this Section will be banned from the Ranch.

8.03 Compliance Form. When checking in at Ranch Headquarters each individual intending to use any OHV will be required to fill out a compliance form prior to the use of any OHV on the Ranch.

8.04 Supervision. The operation of all OHVs on the Ranch by anyone under the age of 16 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

8.05 Time. Use of OHVs for recreational purposes is limited to the hours between 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM.

8.06 Penalty. Failure to comply with these rules or with the directions of the Ranch Caretaker will result in detailed review of the incident(s) by the Board of Directors. The Board may revoke a member's privilege to use any OHV on Association property.


9   PETS

All pets must be under the control of their owners at all times. Dogs must be on a leash when they are at the Ranch Headquarters, at the Ranch cabins, or at the ponds. You are responsible for your pets and for any damage they may cause. You must keep your pets off the furniture and beds and you must clean up after them.  See section 1.01.05 for further information.



Swimming is permitted in all ponds. There are no lifeguards. Minors must be supervised by one or more adults at all times while swimming. Swim at your own risk.  Fishing and swimming should not be done at the same pond at the same time. Users should use wisdom and be considerate of others.



11.01 Association Land. Due to the restrictions placed on the Association through leases with individual cattle operators, including the Doug Hunt Cattle Co., member's livestock, including all cattle, are restricted to the member's individual Unit or Lot and livestock are not permitted to free range on Ranch common areas.

11.02 Risk of Loss. Deer Springs Ranch is not responsible for any losses or damage to any member's livestock.



Due to problems in the past with too many horses running loose and interfering with the workings of the Ranch, horses of the members are no longer permitted to be left at the ranch. Members may bring horses to ride during their stay at the Ranch. In the event a member desires to bring horses to ride, they must notify the Ranch Caretaker in advance, and provide their own feed during the stay. Members are not permitted to leave horses on the Ranch common areas unless specific arrangements are made in advance and with the express approval of the member of the Board in charge on farming/animals at the Ranch.



Catering is not provided by the Ranch but is available in Kanab and other surrounding areas. It is suggested that any member questions be directed to the Ranch Caretaker.



14.01 Amount of Assessment. Based on the Bylaws, the Board of Directors have established a policy for the determination of the amount of each annual assessment. The amount can vary from year to year based on several variables such as: maintenance costs, equipment needs, taxes, repairs, fuels, salaries or employees, inflation, and etc.

14.02 Budget. The Board of Directors will meet each December to set the budget for the new calendar year. They will set the amount of the assessment to balance the new budget. The office will mail out a copy of the new budget along with a statement form detailing the assessment. The assessment is due and payable upon receipt of the statement and becomes delinquent after March 31st of each year.

14.03 Delinquency. Members who have not paid their assessment by March 31st of each year will be denied any and all Ranch benefits and privileges until said dues are paid in full. These benefits include, but are not limited to, voting at the annual meeting and use of the cabins. All delinquent accounts will be charged interest at the rate of 18% per year compounded monthly beginning the first of January of each year. If unpaid by the January 1st of the following year (a 1 year delinquency) the membership, as well as the individual member's Unit(s) or Lot(s), will be subject to any and all collection proceedings deemed necessary by the DSROA Board of Directors.

14.04 Member Input. Input from the general membership for the establishment of the budget is welcome.



The Association does not and cannot guarantee year-round access to any portion of the Ranch, including particular Units or Lots. The Owners Association has and will continue to maintain roads as the budget and labor will permit. Priority will be given to roads used by the most members.

While adverse driving conditions exist, it is recommended that members refrain from unnecessary travel on ranch roads. During adverse driving conditions each vehicle trip causes damage to the road surface, impacts the road base, compounds the adverse driving condition, and increases the maintenance required to repair the road.



16.01 Building Plans. Effective April 1, 1993, prior to any construction, all construction plans, including a plot site plan, must be approved through the Board of Directors. Plans must be mailed to DSROA, P.O. Box 254, Kanab, Utah 84741. After the Board has approved any plans, a member must obtain a building permit from the Kane County Building inspector and notify the Ranch when this is completed.

16.02 Planning. Careful consideration and planning should be given to excavation and restructuring of the natural landscape of each Unit to assure that construction will not interfere with any existing drainage channels or cause damage to the property of others by any changes. Members are encouraged to consult a member of the Board, Ranch Caretaker, or County Engineer to get help in determining the effects of any proposed changes.



17.01 Equipment Rental Pricing. At this time a suspension of renting any and all DSROA owned equipment is in force.


For those who haul water and are using the Lower Ranch Water System State-approved fill station as their primary source, the following applies:

18.01 Members Only. Water use for hauling is only available to members of the DSROA, in good standing, and current on assessments as of March 31st of the year in which water is to be used.

18.02 Limitations. Because the Lower Ranch Water System was not designed to supply the demands which would be imposed by the hauling of large amounts of culinary (drinking) water, the amount hauled will be limited to a fixed amount per month per lot as determined by the Board.  A permit to access ranch water will initially cost $50.00 yearly and should be paid with the annual dues.  It will become delinquent on and must be paid by March 31st of each year.  This fee is necessary to offset the expense incurred from the pumping, storage, and transport of the water (diesel fuel, system maintenance, water testing, etc.).  The amount of water that is allowed to be hauled and the cost of the hauling permit can be periodically reviewed by the Board, which can adjust either to reflect current conditions.

18.03 Restrictions. Hauling water to any point not on a member's lot or lots, or any point not on Association Common Area is strictly prohibited.

18.04     Delinquent Accounts. If members with connections to any Ranch water system become more than 30 days delinquent in their water payments, they may not procure water, except for limited emergency use, as deemed appropriate by the Ranch Caretaker.

18.05 Water Users. Water in quantity from the Association-owned Ranch Water System will not be available for sale to, or use by, any person or entity who is not a Member of the Association.

18.6 Water Systems. Please refer to the DSROA Bylaws, Section #12 and #13 for guidelines and policies on how to develop individual and/or neighborhood Water Systems for personal use.



Ranch work is fun and relaxing. It is strongly encouraged that members, friends and family get involved in helping with projects or odd jobs, which can be obtained at the Ranch Headquarters. Families will enjoy improving the Ranch to make it a better place.



All members are responsible for transporting and appropriate disposal of their own refuse from camping, private cabins, homes, construction, etc. The nearest landfill is in Kanab. The Association has limited hauling facilities and will only take care of the refuse generated from use of the Association cabins, Ranch Headquarters, and other common Association facilities.

Members living year round at the Ranch may share, by arrangement, year round waste costs with the ranch only upon approval of the Ranch Caretaker).



Individuals may only use the airstrip at the Ranch at their own risk and with prior written approval. All members must acknowledge and agree that the Ranch airstrip is strictly for private, non-commercial and emergency use only. Members who intend to use the airstrip must sign the Ranch waiver of liability form as provided on the Ranch web page and submit the same to the DSROA Office Administrator at the official address of the Ranch as set forth in Section 23 below.



22.01 BLM. All gravel utilized from the gravel pit for use on individual private ground must be permitted through the BLM office in Kanab, Utah. Currently the cost is $.70 per cubic yard which is payable to the BLM.

22.02 Private Use. In addition to the County permit, members must also obtain a permit from DSROA. A fee of $.70 cents per cubic yard will be charged as a reclamation fee for DSROA members who use the gravel within DSR boundaries. This material is considered non-screened. A fee of $8.90 per cubic yard will be charged for screened material.

People who are not members of DSROA or members that wish to utilize gravel from our pit to areas outside of the DSR boundary will be charged a $1.00 per cubic yard reclamation fee. These fees are to help pay for the cost of reclamation and is paid directly to Deer Springs Ranch.

22.03 Limits. Members are limited at this time to 100 cubic yards per year. This amount may be adjusted by the Board. (With 300+ members our pit areas will not support each member taking large volumes.)

22.04 Coordination. Prior to removing any material from the pit area, Members must coordinate with the Ranch Caretaker and the Board Representative to determine the appropriate area of removal. This is required to not only provide gravel for members, but also shape the pit area for most effective reclamation and enhancement of road right of way. We must ensure no encroachment is made to or on their private lots.

22.05 Member Responsibility. Members and their contractors will be financially responsible for all excessive wear and damage to ranch road surfaces (as determined by of the Board representatives and following consultation with the Board). Heavy dump truck traffic does cause road life to be shortened.  A special use permit may be required for larger vehicles.

22.07 Safety. All operations to remove gravel from the pit area must be done with member safety in mind. At no time can equipment be left as to cause harm or injury to members or vehicles traveling the ranch roads. Should temporary detours be deemed necessary, it is the responsibility of the member and contractor to provide adequate signage to prevent collisions with equipment, material, or other Ranch traffic.

22.08 Preservation. DSROA has been limited at this time to a 5 acre disturbance at the existing pit site. No member may remove fill from any undisturbed areas without first contacting the Ranch Caretaker and the Board Representative responsible for the gravel pit.

22.09 Noise. Due to noise concerns, all work at the gravel pit and the hauling of material from same will be conducted from sunup to sundown ONLY.


The official and only mailing address for the Ranch is:

Deer Springs Ranch Owners Association

P.O. Box 254

Kanab, Utah 84741.

The Ranch's physical address is:

6030 S. Deer Springs Lane

Kanab, Utah 84741.

The GPS coordinates at DSROA Headquarters are Lat. 37.33113 / Lon. 112.222



The official web site of the DSROA is www.deerspringsranch.org.