Rules and Regulations Addendum
Ranch Area Organizations

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Rules and Regulations for Ranch Areas:

At the discretion of the Board the Ranch membership has been divided into 9 areas.

Ranch area representatives from these different areas are appointed by the Board. These areas are not to be construed as voting districts. Their existence is to facilitate and coordinate efforts by the Board to improve the Ranch and promote communication between members of the DSROA association at large with the Board. The establishment of these areas is done to give members a platform for organization so as to accomplish goals or improvements they see as needed within the areas there lots are found. This area division is not to be construed as an additional layer of Ranch government.

 Therefore the following rules and regulations will apply to all Ranch Areas and be will be incorporated into the annually reviewed rules and regulations set forth each year by the Board of Directors of the DSROA. They are not by-laws or protective covenants.


1.      Ranch Area Representatives, (here after referred to AR's), will be appointed annually by the DSROA Board. At the pleasure of the Board these AR's may be replaced at any time and without reason if the Board deems it in the best interest of the Ranch.

2.      AR's will fill committee member assignments as requested by the Board

3.      AR's will present all area projects for pre-approval to the Board.

4.      AR's will report immediately any thing they become aware of that is in violation of the DSROA protective covenants or by-laws to the DSROA Board.

5.       AR's or an appointed alternate from their area should attend an annual DSROA workshop conducted by the Board in March. The purpose of the workshop will be to share information about the workings and needs of the Ranch. The workshop will not be a voting congress of representatives of the Ranch to set or make policy. The annual workshop will be a time to here committee reports, share ideas, answer questions, and prepare for the coming summer activities at the Ranch. This information should then be taken back to the members of each area, as deemed necessary by AR's.

6.      AR's are not required but encouraged to attend DSROA Board meetings

7.      AR's are not voting members of the DSROA Board.


  Committees: General Functions & Guidelines

DSROA Committees are needed to help meet the needs of the Ranch. One important need is for member participation. This participation by members gives individual members the opportunity to help, and give input in the decision making process. The other need that committees fulfill is distributing the work load from a few Board members to a larger group of people with perhaps broader experience and more expertise.

Committees may be organized or designated by the President of the Board or by the Board as a whole, as apparent need arise. Member groups that feel strongly about a need of the Ranch may petition the Board directly with a desire to form a committee dealing with their needs.

At the discretion of the Board, these committees will be set up and organized and assigned a Board member to oversee their function. All committees will function under the direction of a particular Board member in charge of that area of need as outlined in the "master plan" of the Ranch.

If a committee's action plan needs Ranch funding or the Board member feels it is of such a nature to impact the whole of the Ranch significantly then he will take the matter to the Board. If called to do so by its assigned Board member a committee will make recommendations to the Board through this assigned Board member, or the Board member over a committee may invite the chairman of a committee to present plans, ideas, etc. directly to the Board. The presented information or plans will be considered by the Board and a decision of support, modification, and denial etc. will be given by the Board based on its feelings as to the appropriateness of the committees recommendation with respect to the Ranch and its' members. Ranch committees are subject to the direction given them by their respective Board member. If a Board member feels that a particular committees' activity should be brought before the Board for whatever reason, he may make it know to any officer of the Board and it will be placed on the next scheduled Board meeting and all actions of such a committee will need to cease until the matter is resolved by the Board as a whole.

Committees need to have at least one individual appointed as their chairman. The chairman of each committee will have the responsibility with, or by, direction of its assigned Board member, to organize and lead undertakings or discussions, make assignments etc. Any member of the Ranch in good standing may serve on a committee. The size in numbers of members and make up of a committee will be determined by the Board member in charge of that area of concern in consultation with the chairman of the committee. It is not the object of the Board to exclude members of differing opinions from serving on committees. If a member feels he has been unfairly denied membership on a committee he may petition the Board for consideration.

It is hoped that all committees will support the Board of DSROA in their decisions, and not try to circumvent, in any way, the wishes of the serving Board by secret meetings, dissenting Ranch-wide mailings, law suites, etc. but work for redress if felt needed, within the normal workings of the bylaws of the Ranch, through the normal political process. If the majority of the Board feels that a particular committee should be disband for any reason, it reserves the right to either reorganize such a committee, or dissolve it outright, but only after the chairman of said committee has had an opportunity to present the committees views, reasons for action, etc., to the Board.