DSRGROUP Signup and Information

DSROA member Dustin Hollis has set up a Deer Springs Ranch forum and discussion group on Yahoo!® Groups:

"Deer Springs Ranch Association Discussion Group. This is a place for DSR Members to discuss topics concerning the Ranch, communicate with board members (and each other!), make comments or suggestions, and post upcoming events. All association members are welcome!"

Membership in the group is completely free of charge.

You can sign up and participate by going here (note - link takes you out of the DSROA.ORG site and opens DSRGROUP in a new window):


You can upload images, browse other members photos, get to know other Ranch lot owners, and much more.

After clicking the above link, click the "Join This Group" button to get started.  You will need to provide some information about yourself (not too much!) and set a user name and password to join.  HINT:  When asked for "Alternate Email", put your current email address in.  You will then be notified at that email address when others post to the group.

After you're successfully enrolled, click the "My Account" link at the top of the page, enter your password, then hit the "Edit your marketing preferences" link.  Uncheck ALL the "Special Offers" checkboxes and the SMS checkbox or you may start getting unwanted email (spam) from Yahoo merchants.

Messages and images you post to the group will be made available for all to view after a short delay.  Feel free to explore and experiment with the many options available in the group that have not been discussed here.  If you discover a cool feature, let the group know about it!

We're looking forward to hearing from you!

DSRGROUP page at Yahoo!® Groups