California Condor sighting

While driving along the top of the loop road on Tuesday, Aug 10, 2004, Barbara Button and Vickie Peck saw a HUGE California Condor. It was perched in a dead snag tree within 30 feet of the road. As it took flight, both women could hardly believe their eyes. That was the most huge bird they had ever seen!!! It had to have been at least 10 feet across the wings!! It would spread it's wings and float along, then fold the wings in and drop down a 100 feet or so and then open it's wings and float along again. It continued this pattern all the way to the bottom of the cliff which (as anyone whose been up there knows) is a long way down. What a sight to behold!! We have heard that the California Condor is slowly increasing in population in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. Sorry...they were in such awe they forgot to take a picture!

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