Bear sighting

by the Phillip Hall family

I saw a Barrr!----------- wharrrrrrrr?------------over tharrrrrr!

It was the summer of 2000 in Crawford Canyon.
Our family had followed the Crawford Ranch road up to the area were the Ranch road crosses the cattle guard and goes onto the Forest service property. It ends with a little turn around by the improved ridding trail head.

We were just turning the truck when across the little meadow I saw what I thought was an odd looking cow moving kind of funny. All of a sudden a Bear raised his head and looked right at us. I whispered to the rest of the family and pointed out the Bear. It was a dark brown color and quite big.

After about one minute of staring at each other the bear lumbered off. We were ready to high tail it out of there if we had to. We were all quite excited and talked about it the rest of that stay at the Ranch and the little kids did not want to stray very far away from us that trip or since.