This is by no means a comprehensive plan. There will always be things we need to add to the plan. Maintenance of the ranch will be an ongoing process but for the first time, we have a plan written down and goals set.


1. Brush/Weed Abatement
2. Crop Management
3. Erosion
4. Fences, Gates and Cattle Guards
5. Headquarter Corral Restorations
6. Water Systems for Livestock and Wildlife

Historically the board has set aside money for agricultural but I believe, due to the above six areas not being clearly identified, money has been diverted into other well meaning and necessary projects, leaving many of these areas in a state of disrepair. To be wise stewards over our ranch, I believe it is critical that we spend the budgeted money in the areas they are designated for. This requires planning, knowledge, effort and time, and a commitment to follow through.

When I was elected, I was assigned to be over "agriculture." It took some time and education on my part, to learn what the agriculture needs of the ranch were and are. I toured the ranch with our State County Extension Agent and the Federal NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service). Using their expertise and suggestions, we develop a ranch management plan. Up to that point there had been no specific plan.

This plan would normally require many thousands of dollars and take many years to complete due to DSR's limited budget. However, Doug Hunt, (Hunt Cattle Company), in a spirit of cooperation, volunteered to procure a NRCS contract, something DSROA could not do on their own. The NRCS contract allows Doug Hunt to infuse many thousands of dollars, into our existing agriculture budget, over the next three years. The NCRS projects go hand in hand with DSR's agricultural goals and include fencing, solar water pumps, permanent water troughs, weed abatement and brush hogging. This will allow DSR to make remarkable progress, with regards to agriculture, IN LESS TIME and WITHOUT SPENDING ANY MORE MONEY THAN WHAT IS ALREADY BUDGETED!

Although we are not able to get outside monies for all of these projects, included is a breakdown of the projects we will be receiving money through Hunt Cattle Company to complete. (See Conservation Plan)

I hope this clears up some of the questions concerning the agricultural projects and the relationship between DSROA, Hunt Cattle Company and the NRCS. I am happy to talk with anyone who may have questions. I believe these projects along with the others outlined, will benefit the ranch agriculturally, financially and aesthetically for years to come. As someone who loves the ranch I am excited to be part of these improvements.

Brad Hunt

Brush Management Plan Map
Crop Management Plan Map
Erosion Map and Key
Erosion near the Ranch House
Wet Meadow / Upper Cabins Erosion Map
North Fence Plan Map
Fence Plan Map
South Boundary Fence Plan Map
Ranch Headquarters Restoration
Pipeline Plan Map
Saving Wildlife
USDA / NRCS Conservation Plan for DSR

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