Kurt Jacobsen, Vice President Joe Bosze, Treasurer Larry Clarkson, Member Kathy Pierce, Secretary MIke McNichols - President John Harris, Member Cindi Olson, Member

Kathy Pierce, Secretary

My Name is Kathy Pierce. I have been an owner of Deer Springs Ranch since 1996. I own lots 23 and 24 in the Johnnie Brown Subdivision. My family has enjoyed coming up and being a part of Deer Springs Ranch on a regular basis. I love the ranch and hope to build a cabin and retire here someday. My experiences have been working as a realtor including selling at DSR and Southern Utah since 1990. I worked for Dixie Ambulance for 9 years as a Paramedic/EMT and volunteered as a Firefighter for Santa Clara for 4 years.

Selling Deer Springs Ranch, I know that we have a diversity of owners and why they have purchased property at the Ranch. So I believe that it is important to have a Board that is open to Members and their input of direction. I would love to hear input or concerns from members and making this open to a member friendly board. If I am voted on the board, my addresses of concerns would be:

1. To Get the members more involved in Deer Springs Ranch. I believe that doing that, we can to keep our Board Dues down and trying to get more membership involvement will help keep the fees down.
2. Neighborhood representatives (Member involvement)
3. Trying to bring more revenue for the ranch.
4. Roads, Water and Cabins.
5. More input from Members. We are Owners of DSR.

I look forward to serving as a board member and hope that I will be able to get to know as many of you as I can. Please reach out and I would love to hear from you.


Email Kathy at klp@infowest.com