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Barry Clarkson, President

My name is Barry Clarkson and Deer Springs Ranch has been a part of my life since my earliest memories. I spent many days and nights there in the early days of the Ranch working with the cattle and bucking out the horses (mostly Shetland ponies at that time) each spring. I remember helping to flag the original roadway that now leads to the upper cabins and finding the corners of many of your lots.

I have now spent many years with much less involvement with the Ranch, just enjoying the occasional family reunion at the Ranch. I have recently decided that in order to encourage the continuation of the freedoms that one only finds in the wide open spaces such as are found at the Ranch, that I needed to make more of an effort to be involved and to work toward the good of all Members and their guests.

I firmly believe that the Ranch should be closely but prudently managed and used without unnecessary bureaucracy that we find so many places in our lives these days. I believe in the wise use of available resources to benefit our families. I also believe in operating my life and the businesses in which I am involved within a budget and without waste.

For the reasons set forth above, would ask for your vote in my candidacy for a position on the Board of Directors for the Deer Springs Owner’s Association. My qualifications are as follows:

1. I am a licensed attorney, practicing in the states of Utah, Nevada and Arizona with a focus on real estate and business transactions. I have provided legal a services to the Owner’s Association many times over the past several years and know a great deal about the organization, operation and particular concerns and issues relating to DSROA, as well as many other owners’ associations throughout multiple states.

2. I have extensive history with the Ranch and the current issues faced by individual Members and owners of property like Deer Springs.

3. As the Successor Trustee of the Dale and Patsy Clarkson estate, which owns a large number of lots within the Ranch, I have a vested interest in representing the individual owners and Members in a way which will avoid or minimize any future increases in assessments or costs to the Members.

4. I live nearby and am available as necessary to actually visit the Ranch and to attend, in person, the necessary meetings of the Board as well as any necessary meetings with governmental or other groups or agencies.

5. I have an extensive knowledge of the laws, the market and the Constitutional freedoms which need to be protected but from forces outside of the Association as well as within.

For the reasons set forth above, please consider casting your vote for me as a Director for the Deer Springs Ranch Owner’s Association in the Annual Member’s Meeting in September. In the event that you are unable to attend the Member’s Meeting, please consider providing a written proxy to a Member who can attend. Remember your vote and your opportunity to be heard is a terrible thing to waste.

Sincerely, Barry E. Clarkson, Attorney at Law

Email Barry at bclarkson@clarksonlegal.com