The DSR Labyrinth -

Some of you may have noticed the "stone circles" just to the right of the gate leading into the HQ area.  This is a "Labyrinth" and was the idea of Bill, Virginia and Luke Brockbank.  They have provided the following background information.  Next time you're at the  Ranch, take a look.


What is a labyrinth?

A labyrinth is a single walking path for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation. Labyrinths are thought to enhance right brain activity or to some, they are just a nice piece of art. It is what you want it to be.

Are they some New Age thing?

Labyrinths have been around for thousands of years. They date back to 400 BC.

In medieval times, the labyrinth symbolized a hard path to God with a clearly defined center (God) and one entrance (birth).

The Labyrinth installed at Deer Springs Ranch is the classical Seven Circuit design.
You enter the labyrinth through the mouth and then walk on the paths or circuits. The rocks keep you on the path.

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How are they used?
People walk a labyrinth for many reasons. Some do it to relax, some as a walking meditation, some just for fun.

Research on commonly reported effects of walking a labyrinth
It appears that walking a labyrinth might enable a set of physical responses:

In turn, these "state of mind" responses might increase one’s receptivity to flashes of intuition, hunches, nudges from one’s "inner voice/higher power" and other types of insight regarding one’s problems, issues or concerns.


How To . . .there is no right or wrong way to enjoy the labyrinth

"We are not human beings on a spiritual path,
but spiritual beings on a human path."

The power of walking the path of the Labyrinth is in its simplicity.
The Labyrinth presents an orderly path to quiet the mind.
Stop, relax, and breathe deeply at the entrance.
Begin walking slowly, following the winding path toward the center.
As you walk, your body moves into a peaceful rhythm of contemplation.
When you reach the center, pause for as long as you like and focus your
attention on what you are feeling and thinking.
As you leave the center, follow the same path outward.
This is a time to consider what insights were received in the
center and how they may be applied to your life.


Other Locations

In Utah, there are 19 Labyrinths, currently registered with the World Wide Labyrinth Society.

Most are located at churches, spa & treatment centers, public recreation centers, even Best Friends Animal Sanctuary has one.

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